Working principles

The way we work and the quality of our products

Our vision is to sell the world's highest quality filters at very competitive prices. 

Product manufacturing

Requirements for the manufacturers:

  • The manufacturer shall have an effective and continuous quality control. In addition, we require ISO 9001 quality certification from our suppliers.
  • From our manufacturers we requireenvironmental consciousness and responsibility for sustainable development. Minimum requirement is that the manufacturers are ISO 14001 certified (standards for environmental management systems).
  • All our products are made in EU.
  • The technical characteristics of our products are ensured in compliance with EN779: 2012 standard. We require this particular standard filter material from our suppliers.


Filter Certification EN779: 2012

European EN779 :2012standard is used in Finland to meet the requirements on quality as well as the technical characteristics. The given standard defines filter class and filtration capacity for various particles as follows:
We make sure that the filters classes, that we sell, are tested by independent parties ​​in accordance with EN 779:2012 standard. 

Energy efficiency and pressure difference

Besides the classification of filters, the ventilation filter functionality is significantly affected by the pressure drop. (Pressure drop = counter force that opposes the air flow.), The higher the differential pressure drop across the filter is, the smaller is the amount of air flow  in to the dwelling/space. When the air flow goes down, it deteriorates the air quality.

Besides pressure drop of clean filters, it is also important to consider the pressure difference caused by the accumulated dust into the filters. Differential pressure increases across dirty and dusty filter, and thus reduces the amount of air flow passing through it. For this reason, the filters have to be replaced periodically,  about 1-2 times a year.